The Hibbot®
is an innovative walking aid for children with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders.


We are pleased to announce that Made for Movement has acquired Medical Robots.

“The Hibbot fits perfectly to the Made for Movement’s philosophy of making movement and participation possible for children with physical disabilities, and it nicely complements our existing portfolio”, says CEO of Made for Movement, Birger Tufte Johansen.

The three founders of Medical Robots will continue working with the Hibbot within Made for Movement, utilizing their world-wide distribution network and expertise.

About Made for Movement Group AS:
Made for Movement provides mobility and possibility to participate through dynamic standing and walking aids for people with severe disabilities. We work with individuals, families, other caregivers, therapists and physicians to design assistive devices that are clinically effective and offer practical, everyday benefits. The head office is in Norway, with subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. In addition, Made for Movement is represented in another 14 countries.

Infomoments Hibbot

We are organising a roadshow through Belgium to inform people on the workings of the Hibbot.
Topics covered: 

  • How did the Hibbot started off
  • For which children is it
  • Case studies and past experiences
  • More info on how you can get a Hibbot for your patients
  • Question and answer moment

These events are free,
 we do ask to register upfront to as there are limited places.
You can do so by clicking on the links below for the respective time and location.

For Who?

The Hibbot walking aid for kids


Would you like to go walking on your own while you have your hands free to explore the world?

for parents


Find out how the Hibbot® is developed to enhance your child’s physical activity and mobility

For Doctors

Medical Doctors & Physiotherapists

The Hibbot® is developed to train the muscles during walking by giving the child just the support that is needed and nothing more.

Is the Hibbot® suitable for your child/patient?

Before starting with the Hibbot® you need an intake and motor assesment of your child. The goal is to find out whether the Hibbot is suitable for the patient.

Discover how the Hibbot® makes the difference

Technical Drawing - The Hibbot - Walking Aid

1. Handsfree walking

Motivation and attention increase.

2. Counterweight

Supports the child's weight while walking, the weights work as a lever arm ,giving a downworths force behind ,the child will be lifted in front and less force is needed to stand right up. The weights can be removed by getting stronger.

3. Reverse brake

Prevents the child from falling backwards. It can be used when not enough stability is present.It can be activated by the therapist and temporarily disabled by the child with a lever.

4. Stabilizing Pelvic instability

The pelvic and lower trunk movements are controlled by a dynamic spring system. The brace , envolving lower trunk and pelvic is attached to the Hibbot®. 4 adjustable screws limit the coronal and transverse motions. A dynamic spring controls the sagital movements.

5. Stability compass

Ensures that the child is kept upright when wavering.

6. Fall prevention

Makes sure that when the child falls it only does so until the support mechanism hits the ground. This increases the ability to stand up.

Our Story

The Hibbot part of Medical robots

The Hibbot® is an innovative walking aid grown out of the fruitful partnership between the clinical background of a pediatric physiotherapist with more than 25 years of experience, Ria Cuppers , and the technical know-how of engineer and serial-inventor, Dirk Wenmakers. CPO Jos Seyler provided the knowledge to produce the braces needed to connect the children with the Hibbot® and Philppe Caers joined the team 1 year ago with a mission to get the Hibbot® to as many children as possible.

Experience learns the physiotherapist that is very difficult to make the right muscles (esp. hip extensors) work and become strong enough in patients with CP.

During sessions, the therapist can facilitate a nice walking pattern by giving the right manual input and support. Without this support, overuse of flexion in the legs, co-contraction becomes a habitual way of walking. As a therapist, however, you are not present 24/7 with your patient to give the right input and necessary support. This experience and frustration started the search for doing better and brought the clinical field in contact with the technological know-how. As as result of the much appreciated professional guidance and financial support received from the Rotary Club Hasselt-Herckenrode, we were able to further develop our business strategy and launch the first 3 Hibbot prototypes between 2013 and 2014.

By clinical experiences and continuous evaluation, the Hibbot® underwent ongoing improvements and became a valuable product with the support of various partners.

Our latest support came from imec through the iStart program and makes it possible to take the steps needed to further develop the product and the company to get the best product to as many children as possible worldwide.

Clinical interest on gait parameters, metabolic cost, effect on activity U.L.,balance, activity and participation level are topic for further research and planned to be started in the near future.

Meet the team

Dirk Wenmakers Co-Founder The Hibbot

Dirk Wenmakers

Co-Founder | Developer R&D

Dirk has an engineering background with 25 years of product development experience from automobile to med-tech.

Ria Cuppers

Ria Cuppers

Co-Founder | Medical Advisor / Pediatric Physiotherapy

Ria has more than 25 years of physiotherapy experience specifically with children

Philippe Caers

Philippe Caers

Co-Founder | Product Manager

Philippe has an engineering and general management background.


To turn Made for Movement into a success, we work together with several partners:

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